Dollee Kaya

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Dollee Traditional Kaya



Dollee Pandan Flavoured Kaya


Dollee Kaya (Coconut Spread) is exactly like how Ma Ma use to make it. All natural, it is made from Coconut Milk, Sugar and Pandan (Screwpine Leaves). There is absolutely no added artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring. Dollee also does not cut corners and there is no added flour unlike some commercial versions of this sweet treat.

Dollee Traditional Kaya is a more nostalgic flavour and has stronger hints of Caramel.

Dollee Pandan Kaya is a more modern version with a stronger aroma of the fragrant Pandan leaf.


Contains Eggs. Gluten Free.

All Natural. 



Instructions for Use:

Enjoy Dollee Kaya as a spread (like a jam) on bread, toast, pancakes, waffles and cakes.

It is also delicious when used as a filling for buns, pau (steamed buns), sweet glutinous rice dumplings, kuih or other sweet desserts.


No. Description Product Barcode Pack Size Carton Size Carton Barcode M3 Shelf Life
1 Traditional Kaya 9555571100402 400g*12btls 311 x 234 x 135 19555571100409 0.0098 12 months
2 Pandan Kaya 9555571100419 400g*12btls 311 x 234 x 135 19555571100416 0.0098 12 months


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