Dollee Fried Shallots

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Skip the tears and long hours of slicing and frying your own shallots with Dollee Fried Shallots. Dollee Fried Shallots uses only top grade Shallots and Vegetable Oil for a delicious and essential ingredient in everyone’s kitchen.


Fried Shallots are naturally sweet and fragrant and is great as a topping to add fragrance and flavour on blanched vegetables with oyster sauce, congee, fried noodles, noodle soup, fried rice and other dishes. Absolutely vital in dishes such as Prawn Noodle.


No. Description Pack Size Carton Size M3 Shelf Life
1 Fried Shallots 100g (jar) 100g*24jars 415 x 280 x 130 0.0151 24 months
2 Fried Shallots 250g (jar) 250g*12jars 430 x 330 x 130 0.0184 24 months
3 Fried Shallots 500g (jar) 500g*12jars 488 x 367 x 175 0.0313 24 months
4 Fried Shallots 1kg (bag) 1kg*10bags 468 x 338 x 243 0.0384 24 months


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