Dollee Curry Laksa Paste

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Chicken Rendang

Curry Laksa is a spicy creamy noodle soup poured on a bowl of noodles for a delicious meal. Just add water and coconut milk to DOLLEE’s Curry Laksa Paste and enjoy.


Contains Soy, Crustacean and Nuts. Gluten Free. 


Cooking Instructions

Serves: 5-6

Prep. Time: 15 mins


  1. 1 packet Dollee Curry Laksa Paste
  2. 1400ml water
  3. 200ml coconut milk
  4. 100g tofu puff
  5. Rice Vermicelli or Yellow Noodles
  6. Bean Sprouts
  7. Ingredients of your choice such as steamed chicken, cooked prawns or fish balls*
  8. Mint leaves
  1. Mix 1 packet of Dollee Curry Laksa Paste in 1400ml boiling water.
  2. Add 200ml coconut milk and 100g fried tofu puff and bring to a quick boil.
  3. Distribute blanched yellow noodles or rice vermicelli and bean sprouts into 5 bowls.
  4. Top with ingredients of your choice such as steamed chicken, cooked prawns or fish balls. Garnish with mint leaves.
  5. Pour hot Curry Laksa Soup into the bowls of noodles and serve hot.  




  1. Be absolutely creative with the recipe!
    • Try a variety of noodles or even pasta.
    • Top noodles with leftover roast meat, blanched seafood, different vegetables or even a can of sardines or tuna*.
    • Garnish the dish with mint leaves, parsley or fried shallots for different elements of flavours.
    • Squeeze in half a lime for added tanginess.
  2. Tastes best when made with coconut milk with a fat content of 25% or higher. Low fat milk tastes great as a healthier alternative.
  3. Serve hot.
  4. Spice Level:
    • for a milder curry, simply add slightly more coconut or fresh/low fat milk than required by the recipe. 


* Traditionally, Laksa is often served topped with combination of tofu puffs, fish/meat balls, shredded steamed chicken, blanched bean sprouts/aubergine/long beans, prawns and lightly cooked de-shelled cockles


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