Dollee Crispy Prawn Chilli (Worldwide Bestseller!)

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A hot seller worldwide, Dollee Crispy Prawn Chilli is a tasty spicy condiment with a crispy prawn texture.  Have it with rice or noodles straight from the bottle or use it to prepare your very own dishes.


Contains Soy and Crustacean. Gluten Free.


Serving Suggestions:
  1. Best served with fried rice, noodles, rice vermicelli and pasta.
  2. Recommended as a tofu topping and other cooked dishes.
  3. Ideal to be added into fried rice, noodles, rice vermicelli and pasta during cooking.


Additional Tips
  1. Makes a fantastic aglio olio. Just toss a few spoonsfuls with pasta, olive oil and some cooked ingredients for a tasty meal in 5 minutes!
  2. Use the Crispy Prawn Chilli as a sauce to cook your favourite ingredient
    • stir fry it or toss with rice, noodles, meat, seafood or vegetables.
  3. Really be adventurous with this tasty sauce. Use it in a sandwich, dip some nachos in it or fill a dumpling or bun with it.